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"A Sailor's Jewellery Set"

A pair of marlinspike jewels,

Le Collier de Bosse & L'Epissure Oroboro

In A Sailor’s Jewellery Set, knots have become objects.

Traditional and modern splicing techniques merge together, resulting in a set of jewels repurposing leftover rope, waxed thread and discarded stainless steel fittings.

Le Collier de Bosse, or also The Reef Necklace, was inspired by the technique of splicing in a braided cover onto ropes. This technique is usually applied to protect a well solicited part of the rope from tear, such as a reef line. 

L’épissure Oroboro, or also The Oroboro Splice Bracelet, involves the technique of splicing an infinity loop out of a braided line to create a strong load loop.

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