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Sheet Bend Wall


Interior net-work,

knitted and hoisted in residence


Design of an indoor net-work, hand-knitted according to traditional fishermen techniques. Its name Sheet Bend Wall refers to the mesh knot - a sheet bend - used by fishermen to mend their nets. 

The netting consists of 600 sheet bend knots, carefully tied by hand, in more than 300 meters organic cotton rope. It is contoured by a yellow recycled polyester line, to ensure its support and attachment to their stainless steel fittings and its wooden framework. 

Hoisted into the stairway hall of a residence in Berchem (Belgium), which was renovated by Flemish architect bureau Rutten & Rooze.

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Solivetti m23032108460_2.jpg
2m 50 x 2m 20

600 sheet bend knots

300 meters of braided
organic cotton rope

braided recycled polyester
sailing rope for contouring

stainless steel fittings 
on wooden frame

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